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About us

Founded in 2003, Bioha Laboratories is one of the local companies producing medical sodium hyaluronate gel. As a provider of medical and beauty solutions, the company provides a safer solution and service for the medical and beauty industry to help our customers. to achieve beautiful dreams. Reyoungel, sold in more than 30 countries, is highly recognized and recommended by customers around the world. Reyoungel hyaluronic acid is a biodegradable gel made from cross-linked hyaluronic acid that is not a dermal filler. They offer a complete solution to treat facial features, wrinkles and lips to create a natural-looking result. It can also be used in facial sculpting and body reshaping.

Fast and Effective

A non-surgical procedure within 30 minutes No need for hospitalization, short-term recovery Significant results after the first treatment


ISO 13485 It is certified Class III Medical Devices: CE mark GMP compliant production process Efficacy has been proven by clinical data


We provide professional technical support We can provide stable and high quality We offer an excellent special service